Affordable – 4mt diameter dome from $2,000 DIY

Council approval generally NOT required for this size

Solutions for – Off grid – Tiny house,  and NOW residential, with our first Council approved build underway.

Experience – No previous building experience required

lightweight – won’t break your back – or your bank account

AND it’s FUN

What You will learn at one of our workshops.

  • Make forms with timber and fixtures to contain the Aircrete and form the building Blocks
  • Make a perfect Aircrete mix using a foaming machine, air compressor and mixing tools.
  • Learn the techniques to create, cut and stack the blocks used for building.
  • Construct an arch support structure used for doorways.
  • Learn how to make and use a compass arm correctly to ensure a perfect dome shape.
  • Learn the exact recipes for successful blocks, mortar and finishes for the dome.
  • Learn the all-important materials and techniques for applying the reinforcing mesh which
  • ensures the overall strength of the finished product.
  • Learn several techniques to fit out the dome with windows and doors.
  • Apply external and internal wall finishes ensuring a waterproof dome.
  • Learn about the best products to use for the Australian climate and the availability of those here in Australia.
  • Discover techniques for adding and installing features like glass tiles to the walls of your dome.
  • Work with a team and have FUN

As an added bonus when you attend one of our live courses, you’re invited to join our Aircrete Dome Academy and enjoy up to 8 days of additional training at no further cost over the next 12 months. Held at our home base in Canungra, SE QLD, these days present the perfect opportunity to refine your skills and gain hands-on experience working on our domes currently under construction, whilst also connecting with fellow Domies.

As an added introductory bonus for purchasing the online program this month, you’re invited to join our Aircrete Dome Academy and enjoy up to 8 days of additional training at no further cost over the next 12 months. These days are usually exclusively offered to students who have attended our live, full-priced workshop.

Listen to what our students are saying

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Cath and Liz
Sunshine Coast

Harriett and George
New Zealand




Why choose Aircrete?

Check out the amazing properties of Aircrete Domes


A fraction of the cost of traditional building methods

Cyclone resistant

Due to the dome shape and the strengthening layers

Fully insulated

From heat, cold and acoustic noise, with an R value higher than ANY insulation batts.

Beautiful curves and large arches

provide light airy spaces and flat surfaces for furniture.


Waterproof, Vermin proof

WILL NOT BURN, rot or decay

Unlimited design options

Dome Design options

Interest in building with Aircrete has never been greater than it is right now following the very first Australian  Council Building Approval  for a 90m2  Aircrete  Dome home on the Sunshine Coast.

You can build a “shed” size in your back yard (that doesn’t require council approval), a tiny house, off-grid, small or large home, the choice is yours and the options are endless.

Our team has learned from the originators of this construction method, Domegaia, and we commenced running Aircrete Dome Workshops in June 2020 from our home base in SE QLD. Since then, we have taught hundreds of people the skills required to start them off on their own dome building adventure. The Aussie dome community is constantly growing with dozens of new builds underway and at various stages of completion.

So, if you like the idea of starting off debt free, with more time for yourself and your family. If you are up for learning the skills required to build your own home with your friends, family, or community, with a construction method that won’t break your back or your bank account……and is FUN then……….

What is Aircrete?

Aircrete is a lightweight non-toxic material that is made simply from cement, water, and foam. The foam is produced by mixing a foaming agent with water and passing the solution through a foam generator using an air compressor. The millions of added foam bubbles are what gives Aircrete it’s superior insulation properties and makes for a lightweight product that is easy to build with, unlike it’s concrete counterpart. Even once fully set, Aircrete can still be cut, carved, sawn and rasped, rendering it the perfect material to create a smooth dome shape. The simple concrete and foam mix makes a most economical product for construction at a cost of around 70c  per block/brick. It hardens overnight and is ready to be used for building within days but continues to harden over time. Acoustic insulation is yet another beneficial property of Aircrete, having been used for decades between floors in high-rise buildings to minimise noise.


Aircrete Domes Australia is a project of “Syntropic Life foundation”

All funds raised go back into community projects

Online Course now available