After spending the last few years wading in reports, red tape, and council requirements to get a building permit for their dream Aircrete dome home… things are now getting very busy for the Wild family at Elysian Falls in Flaxton on the lush Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The Wild’s dream home is a little unique… comprising of 8 arches and 4 interconnecting Aircrete domes. The largest dome has a 7m diameter and 4.6m peak! Its organic shape blends perfectly with the lush rainforest and valley views below.

Aircrete bricks are a DIY alternative to hebel brick, made using a precise foamy mixture of air bubbles and cement. Cath and Liz can achieve about 200 bricks from a day’s Aircrete pour, and this build requires 4500 of them! They started making Aircrete bricks in January and things are really starting to take shape as the domes rise from the ground.

Cath Wild explained, “What makes Aircrete dome-building so exciting and unique is it is excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, as well as it being water resistant, fireproof, cyclone proof, super low cost and very DIY friendly!”

The Wilds were first introduced to the magic of Aircrete domes through the information on the Domegaia website and the beautiful dome home builds of Steve Areen. They then attended an introductory build course with Syntropic Life in Canungra… and the rest is history!

“The amazing team at Syntropic Life have connected us with other Aircrete ‘domies’ offering help pouring bricks, making formwork, stacking bricks… and even cooking us dinner at the end of a hard day’s work” Liz Wild noted.

“The best part about this build has been connecting to the amazing domie community.”

This is the first Aircrete dome structure to have Council build approval not just in Australia, but the world!

The Wilds hope their building permit approval can be a precedent to help other domies to achieve their dream homes too. You can follow their progress on Aircrete Dome Elysian Falls facebook page.

Online Course now available