Host a workshop

Host an Aircrete Dome workshop at your venue and get started building your own dream dome. A workshop will also provide an opportunity for you to share this unique method of construction with your friends, family and local community who are the ones most likely to come back and help you with your build long after the workshop has finished. You will also make valuable friendships and connections along the way.

  • You will get your own Aircrete Dome build off the ground and fast-tracked.
  • Further refine your own skills so you can progress faster with your build.
  • Up to 500 blocks made for your dome.
  • Up to 6 rows of blocks laid for your dome. This is halfway to completion.
  • Meet and work with an awesome team of students, some of whom may come back and help you continue the build.
  • Possible return to the host of around $4000 which would go a long way towards your dome construction expenses.
  • An additional income potential is available to hosts who are in a position to provide food and/or accommodation options to students.
  • Possibility of a second workshop at your location to further the dome build assuming the first event goes well.
  • Introduce this amazing concept to your family, friends, and community, and be part of the affordable housing solution.


Our away workshop model is a 4-day workshop at a cost of $600 per student.

The maximum number of students that we allow at our workshops is 24. ($14,400)

The base cost for the team to come to your site and run a 4-day workshop is $10,000.

*This includes up to $500 travel expenses for our team. Any extra costs for travel expenses for our team will be deducted from any profits to be paid to the host or the holding deposit.

17 paying students ($10,200) is the breakeven point

All places filled from 17 up to 24 (max) students are an opportunity for the hosts to receive income.

Host may receive up to $4,400 assuming :

1/ Workshop is fully booked

2/ host provides accommodation and food for the ADA team.

3/ Travel expenses for ADA team are no more then $500

Following the successful completion of the workshop, the holding deposit and any profits will be paid to the host using the following formula.

Host deposit ($3,000) PLUS Workshop fees received (up to $14,400)

LESS $10,000 ADA fees

LESS any extra expenses incurred by the ADA team for accommodation or food not supplied by host, extra costs incurred, or travel expenses in excess of $500.

EQUALS the amount to be paid to the host.

The Steps:

1.      Attend an Aircrete Dome Australia workshop.

2.      Meet the team and see firsthand what is required to run a successful workshop together.

3.      Review the required facilities and amenities that need to be in place before students arrive.

4.      Work with the ADA team to create a plan for your specific build location including the slab, equipment required, and preparation required before the build starts.

5.      Review the numbers, our costs, and what’s in it for you.

6.      Work out the best method for marketing, admin, and communication for promoting and managing an event.

7.      Sign off on the details, pay the holding deposit, and lock in the dates.

  • Aircrete Domes Australia provides our experienced team of trainers to teach the skills and run all workshop lessons.
  • ADA will promote the workshop through our social media platforms, website, and email subscribers.
  • ADA will attend to all workshop bookings, communications, and workshop monies from students.

Private accommodation for ADA crew free of charge for 4 people – From 2 days before the workshop to the day after the workshop.

*If the host is unable to provide accommodation for our team, the cost of our accommodation will be deducted from any profits to be paid to the host or the holding deposit.

All meals for SL crew free of charge for 4 people for the duration of the stay. (including meat and vegetarian options)


*If the host is unable to provide meals for our team, the cost of our meals will be deducted from any profits to be paid to the host or the holding deposit.


Workshop promotion on the host’s website and social media channels, friends, family, and contacts, is highly recommended.

ADA will direct students to the Host for accommodation and food options and payments. Host will process payments for student’s meals and accommodation unless arranged differently with ADA.

$3,000 holding deposit is required to secure the dates for the workshop.

*Full deposit will be refunded immediately if ADA cancels the workshop for any reason.

Assuming the event runs in line with the event guidelines and expectations agreed upon by both parties, the holding deposit will be returned after the event. If the event does not achieve the expectations agreed on by both parties, and consequently, ADA incurs further time costs or expenses these may be covered from the holding deposit.


Given that you will be preparing for the construction of your dome prior to, and following the workshop, you will require your own foam generator and air compressor, mixer/s, mixing tubs, and tools such as saw, trowels, etc. We can bring extras of these to accommodate the teams for the workshop. We can also bring our own metal tube bender.

ADA will provide you with a detailed list of materials and tools required.

As you will have already attended one of our workshops, you will be aware of what is required to be in place for us to run a successful workshop at your location.


1/ Slab poured at least 3 weeks prior to the workshop with centre pole installed

2/ Compass arm built and secured in place
3/ All materials for arch support to be onsite – to be constructed during the workshop
4/ 125 Aircrete blocks of 230mm x 230mm – cured min 4 day (discuss options)
5/ Flat area to pour blocks – undercover (if needed – tarp/plastic/shade)
6/ Mixing station – undercover for the weather (if needed – tarp)
7/ Dome site – undercover for the weather (if needed – tarp). 1mt minimum clearance and level working area around the dome for students to work safely and comfortably.
8/ Demonstration area – undercover

    I have attended an ADA workshop